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The murmurings of a simple-minded male

THE Teflon God... The one and only...
29 December
Enjoy the mood-swings that is my LJ. It's a great soap opera, folks... It's also 100% free.

I screen the comments of non-friends.
Some entries are friends only.

I am The Honorable Mister Lenny Persighetti... I am a goofy dumbass that knows that fact and loves himself for it. I am very passionate and in-your face at times. Deal with it. I am an individual, not a carbon-copy of what you'd like me to be. I joke with anyone and will tell you how things are whenever I want and how I want. I come off as being an asshole, but I am only protecting myself online. I like wrestling, Politics and gaining Knowledge...I am a Buddhist. Sometimes, I can have a large ego and also be a flirt. I suffer from ADHD, Ausperger's Disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder. I can be extremely self-conscious due to years of my family reminding me of my problems. I am heavily defensive of those I care about. I can be a fantastic friend, one who you keep for life... Or if you make me mad, I can be the worst pain in your ass you have ever had.

Also, I am 75% Friends only.

"Life is a joke and we are all the punchlines". - Lenny Persighetti

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